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Societal Project (PPIA RMIT) 2018

April 27, 20184020
Midterms sure took all the fun away. All those assignments, exams, quizes, and group works are pilling up. Sure, you might feel there’s no end of this tortuous period🙊
YET!!!! Donut🍩worry, as we got your back! (not literally)💀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Inviting y’all to SOCIETAL PROJECT 2018:
📍26 MAY 2018
As we can’t wait to meet you there, here’s a glimpse of SOCIETAL PROJECT 2018.
Be sure to visit our instagram account (@societalproject) and website SocietalProject.com 🌝
Stay tuned as we will release some information and sell the tickets real soon! ⚡
p.s: turn your notification for @societalproject if you don’t want to miss the lucrative bundle which we prepared just for groups who are eagerly keeping their eye for our update 🔥


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