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Indonesian Students Academic Awards

August 31, 20181630
Outstanding Graduate for UTS Foundation Studies Razin Kaharuba (1)
Outstanding Graduate for UTS Foundation Studies Rania Martono (1)
Outstanding Graduate for UTS Foundation Studies Jesslyn Iskandar (1)
Diploma of IT graduate Joshua Gavin Valerie (1)

Record high of academic prizes awarded to Indonesian students at UTS Insearch

Nine students recognised at a special ceremony

Nine students from Indonesia have received prizes in acknowledgement of achieving the highest marks in their courses at UTS Insearch in Sydney last semester.

UTS Insearch, the pathway to the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Australia’s number 1 young university, held a special Graduation and Prizegiving Ceremony to celebrate the academic excellence of its students on 8 August 2018.

Indonesian student took out many awards in two categories: Outstanding Graduate Awards for students who achieve the highest Grade Point Average (GPA) overall in their course, and the Dean’s Merit Awards for students who topped their course in their first semester of study.

Five students from Indonesia were awarded Outstanding Graduate Awards for their meritorious work. They are Joshua Gavin Valerie from Bandung and Louis Pranata from Jakarta for the Diploma of Information Technology (who tied for equal first), and Jesslyn Iskandar from Surabaya, Rania Metta Martono from Jakarta and Razin Agida Kaharuba from Jakarta who all shared the top marks for UTS Foundation Studies.

The four Indonesian recipients for the Dean’s Merit for their highest performance during their first semester at UTS Insearch are: Nathalie Asia from Jakarta (Diploma of Business); Karin Setiawan from Bandung (Diploma of Design and Architecture); Jason Sastra from Bandung (Diploma of Information Technology) and Verren Ratana Pangestu Lo from Jakarta (UTS Foundation Studies).

The Dean of Studies for UTS Insearch, Tim Laurence said, “Our Indonesian student prize winners should be tremendously proud of their achievements, and wish them ongoing success in their studies.”

“Every semester, we present academic awards to acknowledge and celebrate formally and publicly the outstanding achievements of students at UTS Insearch. It is a way to demonstrate our commitment and confidence in our students, and to encourage them to keep succeeding,” said Mr Laurence.

Louis Pranata said that his study at UTS Insearch is preparing him up for a career in data analytics.

“Employers are demanding more people with the ability to interpret big data, draw conclusions and communicate them clearly. My study has set me up with the skills I need to do just that,” Louis said.

Reflecting on his time at UTS Insearch, Razin said he gained many practical skills during his diploma program.

“One of the good things is that UTS Insearch is a little bit more flexible – it gives you more time to practice English and it’s designed for university studies. I find it supportive and teachers are friendly and kind. The most important thing about them is they want to help you with your studies,” Razin said.

Rania Metta Martono, who dreams of becoming an animator, is motivated to success by her love of drawing.

“I enjoy character design, like illustrating a children’s book or drawing for animation studios – that’s something I’m passionate about, it’s not just working because of money, but this is something that I love. I have focused on drawing since I was in secondary school, and I am focusing more on developing my style because that’s very important as an animator,” Rania said.

Outstanding Graduate for the Diploma of IT, Joshua Gavin Valerie said he was extremely proud to receive the prize and a further scholarship in acknowledgement of his success.

“I can show my hard work and I can put it on my resume. My family and friends are proud of me. I also received a UTS Insearch to UTS Pathways Scholarship, which covers half of my tuition [in his undergraduate course at UTS] – I didn’t expect that at all,” Joshua said.

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